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Home Allotments for all onboard seafarers were paid on

At the following exchange rates:


For seafarers employed by BSM BERMUDA:

For seafarers employed by BSM CHINA:

For seafarers employed by BSM CYPRUS:

For seafarers employed by BSM DEUTSCHLAND:

For seafarers employed by BSM GREECE:

For seafarers employed by BSM HONG KONG:

For seafarers employed by BSM INDIA:

For seafarers employed by BSM ISLE OF MAN:

For seafarers employed by BSM SINGAPORE:

For seafarers employed by MOLTANK/MOLSA:

Home Allotments & Special Remittance

Q. Can my family receive my monthly home allotment in US Dollars?
A. Yes, providing that you have opened a US dollar bank account for us to remit the money in to.

Q. How do you ensure that we get the best US$/Peso exchange rate?
A. Allotments requested in Peso are paid at the rate of exchange indicated in the credit advice of local authorized Philippine Bank. BSM-CSC-PH monitors the daily fluctuation and checks with other local banks in order to obtain the best possible exchanged rate for you.

Q. How can my family know when the monthly home allotment has been paid?
A. From this website or by contacting our Account Dept. by telephone.

Q. Can I send a special remittance to my family whilst on board?
A. Yes, through the Master. If you request your special remittance to be paid at the same time as you home allotment, please make your request early. It has always been our policy that we will send the money on to your beneficiary as soon as we receive a written request from the vessels.


Final Wage Accounts

Q. Can I receive my Final Wage Accounts in Dollars in Manila?
A. Yes, and we actively encourage our seafarers not to carry home large amounts of cash from the vessel. Your balance of wage can be paid in US Dollars here in Manila as soon as you arrive home – it’s safer for you.




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