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Senior Positions & Promotions

Group Medical Insurance

Senior Positions & Promotions

Q. For what type of vessels are you supplying senior officers?
A. LPG, Oil/Chemical, Container & Baco vessels. We are actively encouraging our Junior Officers and Engineers to upgrade their Certificate of Competency and to gain the necessary practical experience whilst onboard in order to be promoted into senior positions on these vessels.


Q. How can I get promoted?
A. First of all you must hold the necessary documentation required for the higher position and then it is down to you to demonstrate your ability/suitability for the next rank. Master or Chief Engineer will advise your employer by the Appraisal Report system, a copy of which is made available in Manila. BSM-CSC-PH does not support direct requests for promotion, however if you have a recommendation for promotion our Fleet Personnel Dept will introduce you for the higher position next contract.

Q. How are the promotion prospects with your company?
A. Very good, our fleet is growing rapidly and we are always looking for good quality seafarers to man our vessels.

Q. Does the company offer study loans to assist us to take higher licence examinations?

A. Yes, many of our employers do offer study loans for Officers that have served with them – more details are available from your Fleet Personnel Manager.



Q. I presently work for you and I want to recommend my relative to your company, can I do this?
A. Yes of course, we are always looking for good quality seafarers. However your relative will be screened just like any other applicant that applies with us. If he meets our standard and we have a vacancy, our Fleet Personnel Dept will give consideration to his application.



Q. What qualifications do I need to enrol as a Trainee with your company?
A. You must be young (max 25 years old when joining), a recent graduate of 3 years study from CHED/IMO compliant maritime school, in the upper 10% of the class with good moral character & good knowledge of the English language both spoken and written.

Q. Do you sponsor any training courses?
A. Yes, as we mention on this web site, all our in house courses are FREE to seafarers lined up to join BSM-CSC-PH vessels. However certain courses are also sponsored by the employers and in certain cases, BSM-CSC-PH will assist you with a loan that you pay back during your next contract with us.


Group Medical Insurance

Q. Can you provide more details of the Group Medical Insurance?
A. Yes, the Group Medical Insurance Scheme offers medical insurance coverage for your family members whilst you are onboard and for your period of earned leave. For Officers, two thirds of the premium is paid by your employer, whilst the remainder is for your personal account. If you wish to continue cover for yourself and the whole family beyond your period of earned leave, the additional cost is on your account. If you are a Rating, the full cost of the monthly premium for your family’s insurance cover is for your account regardless if you are onboard or ashore, however the monthly premiums are reasonable and you will have added peace of mind based on present medical and medicine costs here in the Philippines.

Q. To which hospitals/clinics can my family go for medical treatment under the Group Medical Scheme?
A. Any hospital or clinic anywhere in the Philippines that is accredited by the Dept of Health.

Q. Is out patient treatment and medicines covered under the Group Medical Scheme?
A. Yes, but you must keep receipts for any money spent in order to support your claim.

Q. Is dental treatment covered under the Group Medical Scheme?
A. Unfortunately, no.

Q. Are there any limitations to the Group Medical Scheme coverage?
A. Yes, however these can be better explained by contacting our Administration Manager.




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